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Company name Lang-8, Inc.
Address VORT Ebisu III, 6F
1-21-8 Ebisu
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0013

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Founded June 29, 2007
Business content The planning, development, and operation of the language learning services Lang-8 and HiNative.
Full-time members 12
CEO 喜 洋洋(Yangyang Xi)
Contact info@lang-8.jp

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Native speakers of the languages you’re learning correct your writing, and in turn, you get to help them learn your own native language. It’s a “Give and Take” system backed by the friendliest language learning community in the world.
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“Too bad I don’t know anyone outside of the country, because this would be a no-brainer for a native speaker.” This is the exact problem that HiNative solves. How do you say this word in Japanese? What are some foreign dramas you can recommend? From language to culture, you can easily find the answer on this global Q&A platform. Over 110 languages are supported, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, and more. Over 4.2 million users have registered, posting over 11 million questions with 40 million answers and counting. You, too, can have your spoken and written expressions checked by a native - it’s perfect for language learning!
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HiNative Trek

An English learning system designed specifically for people working in the IT startup industry. Students receive daily problems that require both written and spoken answers. Their output is then corrected each day by native speakers of American English. With no reservations and a customized syllabus, we guarantee your stock of practical English phrases will increase substantially.
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