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The space we’re trying to create

A platform where the world’s native speakers
can share their knowledge
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About us


Company name Lang-8, Inc.
Address Vort Ebisu Dual’s 601
2-19-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0022, Japan

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Founded June 29, 2007
Business content The planning, development, and operation of the language learning services Lang-8 and HiNative.
Full-time members 6
CEO 喜 洋洋(Yoyo Ki)
Contact info@lang-8.jp

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HiNative Trek



自分の書いた文章を、その国のネイティブ・スピーカーが添削してくれる。そのお返しとして、自分の母語を勉強している人々にも手を差し伸べる事ができる。Give and Takeで成り立つ、世界で最も温かな言語交換プラットフォームです。


Current members

Yangyang Xi


He came up with the idea for a social network based around correcting eachother’s writing while studying abroad. He’s also a great salesman and a better developer.

Ryoichi Izumita

iOS Lead Developer

He started learning how to code in middle school and began focusing on Objective-C at the age of 19. He’s currently doing development on HiNative in Swift.

Akiko Kunugi

Head Designer

She’s in charge of design for all Lang-8 products. She prefers to base her development choices on user feedback.

Jeff Goldman

Localization Manager / Digital Marketing Specialist

He’s in charge of HiNative Trek, but still finds time to lead marketing and localization for HiNative. He’s also learning how to code in Rails.

Ryo Miyake

iOS Developer

He lives with his beautiful wife and his adorable cat making apps while listening to Hawaiian music. He’s particularly good at developing roulette-style apps and incredibly bad at typing.


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